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One-On-One Career Training with an Experienced,
Licensed Instructor

I’ve worked with technology leaders across industries, building enterprise applications and specialized hardware for start ups and established companies alike. Now, I can teach you to do the same.

Three decades of interdisciplinary experience have taught me more than how critical it is to understand the different ways people learn – it’s also taught me the secrets for thriving in my relationships with my clients. Over the years, I’ve picked up invaluable tidbits such as:

How to cut to the heart of what a business needs from its software solutions in order to thrive.

What a machine learning solution can do for your client’s specific business, and how to ensure that even the most skeptical of business owners can understand and appreciate the value for their existing systems

How to present and pitch at conferences around the world, translating technical language revolving around machine learning and data science into intelligible benefits for any audience.

There’s more to AI & Machine Learning than what you know – it’s also how you communicate it.

Marketing skills, proficient communication, and business competency are all critical to ensure your career takes off, and enable you to take advantage of several different mediums and avenues of success. I can teach you how to make use of all these aspects through my more hands-on consulting for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is Real Insider Knowledge, backed by my experiences with known brands such as



$79 / Monthly

Access to Monthly Group Coaching + Q&A Webinars hosted by me. (Free month trial included with the purchase of any online class)


$299 / Monthly

Direct Access to my expertise – 3 guaranteed email responses within 48 hours, plus one 30-minute individual phone call each month. Pick my brain and get direct guidance for any problem, client, or career decision currently on your mind.


$14,999 / Annually

The diamond package includes everything above PLUS an individualized curriculum, and bi-weekly 60-minute calls with me. The individualized curriculum is tailored to keeping you accountable for meeting your own career goals, with hard deadlines and clear benchmarks to measure progress.

And a hidden perk…

Keep in mind some of the high-profile clients I’ve worked with continuously return to me and my assistants for more work. Working directly with me is a two-way street; it can potentially open the doors to connect you directly with global industry leaders for on-going work.

Consulting with me is about more than just Machine Learning. It’s about Career Building.

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